Goal Achieved! – Fitness Update 19 January 2016

 I know I am WAY overdue with an update regarding my fitness efforts. Life has been hectic lately with holidays, illnesses, and surgery. Because of these factors my exercise schedule has been a bit messed up.  I had cataract surgery eight days ago and since then I am not supposed to workout due to the pressure it would put on my eye.  I have another three weeks before I can go back to my previous schedule.  Plus I was sick the weekend prior to my surgery and we had holidays before that!

The great news though is I have achieved my primary weight loss goal!  I actually hit 169.8 pound about two weeks ago but was not able to maintain it and jumped back up to 173.  I actually did not even weigh myself for about three days and started back again two days ago. This morning when I weighed in the scales read 169.1 pounds! So I have exceeded my goal and lost a total of 40 pounds! Now comes the difficult part….maintaining the weight lose while trying to build muscle.  It would be a lot easier if it was not so dang cold outside right now so I could ride my bike to work.  But that would also be out of the question for now due to the eye surgery.  So I will just continue watching my caloric intake.  My plan is to hover between 165 – 170 lbs.  This still considered mildly overweight but I am now the lowest weight I have been in 20 years so I feel really good.

When I started this effort I thought it would be much harder and take a lot longer. I have already bought three new pairs of jeans because the size 36 ones are so baggy on me now.  I went down to 34 inches jeans.  Many of my size large shirts also fit me like a tent now so I will have to try on mediums when I go shopping.  What I really like is now all my dress shirts fit comfortably at the neck.

So I just want to say thank you to all the people who supported and encouraged me during this time.  Especially my wife Sabine that has been working out with me. I’m not stopping though.  Gonna keep on walking and using my tools like FitBit, MyFittnessPal and MapMyWalk.

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