Fitness Update – 31 January 2016 – Off To a Slow Start

Well this year has started kinda slow fitness wise since I am currently limited on the amount of exercise I can do because of my cataract surgery three weeks ago.  I have one more week to go before I will start picking up the pace with Nordic Walking and get back in the swing of things.  Not sure if I will start riding my bike to work again or not quite yet because I still fee pressure in my eye when Nordic Walking and I am pretty sure it would be more intense with bicycle riding.

Regardless of the lower amount of exercise I have been able to maintain my weight loss by monitoring my diet.  I have been hovering in the 169 – 171 pound range and was even 172 yesterday morning since I ate a pizza Friday night.  First full pizza I have had since I started my fitness regime.

Fitbit sent me my 2015 fitness statistics which quite surprised me since I only started monitoring my fitness in late September.


Bert's 2015 FitBit Stats

Bert’s 2015 FitBit Stats

I hope to kill these stats in 2015!  Who knows.  4 or 5 million steps seems doable to me!  When I think about 716 miles I think that is all the way from Lafayette Indiana to Keokuk Iowa and back and then to Indianapolis and back!  Crazy!

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