Geocaching – 20160227

Got out with a few Geocaching friends yesterday to do some of the most favorited geocaches in Germany.  I was picked up by Apoll0x and Teak73 we headed out to Bensheim in Hessen where the caches are.  When we arrived at the starting point we were met by Mitchsa & firefly70  and Blind Eagles.

Four of the caches were by Staubfinge0702 who was voted Geocacher of the month for January 2016.  The first cache we did was Die drei ??? which has currently 339 favorite points.  This is a well made cache and recommend you do it with a group of experienced Geocachers.  The second cache we did was Dexter2 that currently has 1299 favorite points and the third cache was Dexter with 1123 favorite points.

All three of these caches were very elaborate and some of the best I have ever seen.

We finished up the day doing three WhereIgo caches.


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