Geocaching in the Schächelwald

Today Sabine and I  did some Geocaching to get do our daily walk and I found a small Power Trail called the Schächel which is short for Schächelwald. The trail was about four kilometers long and consisted of eight Traditional Caches, one Multi-Cache, and one bonus Mystery cache.

The walk was very slow, about 36 minutes per mile but that is normal for Geocaching since you do a lot of stopping when searching the Geocaches. The trail itself was very nice and it is great to see the plants coming back to life from their long winter sleep. We saw at least three old German World War II bunkers that have been long destroyed. We didn’t see any wild life but that was probably because there was a lot of human traffic in the woods today.

All in all it was very enjoyable to get out and walk in an area that we had never seen.

Here is the list of Geocaches we did.

Schächel 1Schächel 2Schächel 3Schächel 4Schächel 5Schächel 6Schächel 7 – KLW BienenhäuschenSchächel 8 – KirschenlandwegSchächel 9 – KLW SehrpfuhlSchächel – Bonus


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