Hmmmm….Virtual Geocaching Trackable Discovering?

downloadOne of the parts of Geocaching that I like is collecting, releasing, picking up, dropping off, and discovering what is called “TRACKABLES”.  Trackables come in two flavors; Geocoins, and Travel Bugs.

Trackables are normally small items that have a unique tracking code on them that lets you track their travels from geocache to geocache. You sometimes find them in geocaches and when you do you can choose to pick it up (Retrieve), discover it, or just leave it alone. Part of the fun is seeing how many total trackables you find while searching geocaches. People also take them to geocaching events to swap and let other people discover them. Because the trackables are only put in geocaches and taken to geocaching events you can usually only get the code by seeing them in person.

What I am starting to find though is that many people are starting to post the codes online like on the website I found HERE. I have also found that many can be found on Pinterest like THIS board.

Personally I try to be very careful that the codes for the over 400 trackables I own never get online.  I want people to see them in person.

So…..what do you think?  Would you log discoveries on trackables that you got the code for online without seeing the actual item? There are no set rules far as I know. Many people log geocaches without ever actually finding them.  Would you consider this the same?

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