Top Secret Lost Place – Sankt Martin Bunker

Yesterday Sabine and I attended the Cave St. Martin Geocaching Event Cache where were took a tour of a Cold War Bunker which is now a “Lost Place”. The location is actually a bunker that was intended to be a Top Secret military communications bunker which was built by NATO during the Cold War.

Construction began in 1964 and was complete in 1972 at a cost of $8,000,000 which at that time was about 24,000,000 Deutschmarks! After completion it was decided that due to advances in communication that the bunker would not be needed afterall.

The bunker sat empty for the remainder of the Cold War and then was sold to the nearby village of Sankt (Saint) Martin in 1997 for 1 Deutschmark! Germany also gave the village 90,000 Deutschmarks to make improvements to the bunker so it could be used however they wanted.

The village of Sankt Martin is located on the Deutsche Wine Strasse which is famous for Palatine wine and they used the bunker to host Wine Fests.  But in about 2004 the German Safety Agency declared that due to limited number of exits (2) that it could no longer be used to host public events.  The bunker is now only opened for special tours for 30 people at a time.

Below you will see a few photos but I would like to point out the photo of the well.  The well is over 50 Meters (150 feet) deep and the water is the clearest and  purest you can find.  The village of Sankt Martin used to let people learn scuba diving in the well until an instructor and student drowned inside.  The water is very clear but if you touch the walls calcium is released which can cloud up the water and leave the divers with zero visibility. This happened with the two that drowned. The lost all visibility and became disoriented.  They did not know which way was up or down.

I think that I might be the only American to have entered this bunker in over 40 years!

We had a great time touring this bunker and it is very cool to see locations that most people do not even know exist, let alone get to see.

If you enjoy outdoor adventures then I encourage you to check out Geocaching!

Here is the location of the bunker.





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