Making the Final Move to Android

android-logoAfter almost two years since jumping off the Apple iPhone wagon I am ready to begin making a complete break from Apple products. The path to this decision has not been straight and the ride has been bumpy but I am now used to Android and look forward to moving forward and watching it develop.

My journey to here got off to a rocky start. One of the main reasons I wanted to try Android was because I kept hearing how great the Samsung S5 was and how it was an iPhone killer. So I went down to the local T-Mobile shop in Landstuhl Germany and for a 16 GB Samsung S5.

Right off the bat I started regretting the decision. I could not stand all the Samsung crapware and it the phone locked up and crashed often.  Especially when running Samsung apps. I was wondering what the hell people thought were so great about this phone. When I got the S5 I could not figure out how to get the camera icon to appear on the Lock Screen so I could quickly take a photo.  Come to find out that this was disabled in the T-Mobile version of the Samsung S5. Whoever thought this was a good idea is a complete idiot. I learned to live with it since the phone still have the music controls on lock screen,  A few months later there was an upgrade that gave me the camera icon BUT TOOK AWAY THE DAMN MUSIC CONTROLS!!  I was furious but was into the two-year contract that I could not get out of without paying a large fine.

One of the self-inflicted problems I immediately had was I could no longer receive text messages from my iPhone using friends. This is because I did not disassociate my iPhone from iMessage prior to switching over. Also all my iPhone friends had to manually change me from iMessage to regular text message.

Another thing that bothered me about the Samsung S5 was the low quality of the device itself. The thing is completely plastic and unless you put a good case on it breaks very easily.  So far I have broken the screen twice and the rear camera is also broken. I never had this problem with my iPhone 3G, 4, or 5. I still have all three of them and other than having to replace the batteries they have required no other repairs. I treat phones rough with my outdoor hobbies such as Geocaching and I use them to track my workouts like Nordic Walking and bicycle riding. The Samsung S5 just can not handle this type of activity. I might get the S5 fixed again since it can still be used for music and other activities but if the screen breaks again it will not be repaired.

I don’t even want to go into all of the shitty bloatware that Samsung and T-Mobile puts of their Android phones that are impossible to get rid of unless you jailbreak it. I tried to jailbreak it once but it failed and I never tried again. I should also mention that the Samsung Music and Fitness apps are crap!

Finally I did not like the fact that I did not get Android OS updates until both Samsung and T-Mobile decided to release them. This could take up to six months!

There are a few things I liked about the Samsung S5 such as the Micro SD card slot and being able to swap the battery just by removing the back. But other than that I hated this phone.

Based on my bad experience with the Samsung S5 I have decided to NEVER buy another Samsung product. Not a phone, TV, smart watch, blow dryer, not ANYTHING!


So you might be asking yourself at this point why I have made the decision to stay with Android. Well, after talking with a few other people I discovered that it is probably better for me to go with a pure Android version which comes from the Google phone. Better known as NEXUS. So during my last trip to the USA I stopped by Best Buy and bought Nexus 6P 32 GB phone which is totally unlocked and runs pure Android.  I turned it on and was instantly impressed with how much better it runs! Plus the NEXUS 6P is a high quality phone made of METAL! I wish they had a 64 GB version of the phone when I went to Best Buy and now regret not going ahead and just ordering a 128 GB since I like to put my entire music library on my phones.

So I have now had the NEXUS 6P for about a month and I am very happy with it. Yes, it is still a bit quirky but nothing like the Samsung S5. Sometimes the OK GOOGLE, which is Android’s version of Siri, does not activate and the phone has crashed a couple of times but it is still a 100% improvement over the Samsung. The only features I miss from the Samsung is that the NEXUS 6P does not have a Micro SD card slot and the battery is not easily replaced.

Additionally by going with a pure, unlocked, not carrier specific Android I get all updates immediately when they are released from Google.

So now I am starting to make the conversion from Apple and iTunes to Android and Google Play. I have signed up for the Google Play unlimited music service and will be cancelling my Apple Music service. I will keep using my Apple TVs until they no longer work but will now also start using Chromecast more when I want to stream music, movies, and TV.

My plan it to also move away from using FitBit devices for workout tracking and use solely Google Fit and MapMyFitness.

Another reason for making the switch is I am not forced to use expensive, proprietary Apple hardware. I can research and choose from a cornucopia of Android devices costing from as low as $100 to $600.

The next step to my conversion plan is to get a smart watch and even here I have a choice from many devices such as the Motorola Moto 360, Huawei, or even the low-cost ASUS ZenWatch. I like this because they cost less and I can have multiple watches instead of being forced to buy the expensive Apple Watch.

So there you have it. I know there are some die-hard Apple iPhone users that think I am making a mistake but on the other hand there are even more die-hard Android users.  I think in the long run I am going to be very happy with my decision. Especially as Android continues to mature and provide more features than Apple and at a lower price.

I can’t wait for Android Nougat to be released!

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