Jul 12

History of Me


Me in 1967 or 1968

When I go out Nordic Walking by myself I always listen to my favorite music, enjoy nature, and I do a lot of thinking about life. I think about the places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, people I’ve known, events I’ve experienced, and dreams for the future.

As is often the case, my thoughts wandered to my ancestors and how they affected who I am today.

Tonight I started thinking about how lucky I am to be living in a period of Human history that is unlike any other in regards to being able to share information about my life with my descendants. For decades I have been interested in  my ancestry and those that came before me.  I wonder how their lives were, what jobs did they have, what dreams. I wonder why they moved to the places they lived. Were they happy. What effect did the meanders of their live have on mine? I will never have an answer for most of these questions and it frustrates me. I know my Great Grandfather was James Luther Linson but other than his birthday, place of birth, and year of death I don’t know much more about him. I know he live in the New Mexico territory and that he had married twice. My Grandfather was a child of his second wife. I have some cousins who I only know via Facebook that are the descendants of him and his first wife. What if the life of James Luther Linson and Cora Belle Cherryholmes had never crossed? What effect would that have on my life? Would I even exist today?

Maybe I’m strange because I have this deep burning need to know who this man and his wife was. I want them to know that they are remembered and that I care about that they lived. Most people probably go through their lives not thinking about these things. Not caring about who came before and what those who come after will know about them? My life sure would be a lot easier if I was one of those that had no interest at all in these things.

It frustrates me because I believe that each one of the people who came before me, my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on and so on, each play a part in who I am today. My life was influenced by what I learned in my childhood from my parents. They taught me what their parents taught them, and their parents were taught by my great-grandparents. So, even though I never knew my great-great grandparents, or their parents or grandparents, part of who they were, lives in me.  And the same is true for YOU!

But we are living in the Information Age. We have the Internet and, good or bad, all that comes with it: social media, blogs, etc… and if you (which you are if you are reading this) participate in Internet activities, information is being collected about you that you probably don’t even know is being collected! Where you go, what you purchase, stories you read, movies you watch, posts and articles you “LIKE”, stuff you download and view. In no other time during human history has more information been collected about each person who uses the Internet.  Kinda scary and overwhelming.  But this makes me wonder…if the same technology had been available in my ancestors time….what would the information tell me about them. I will never know.

But the purpose of this post is not to talk about what information is being collected about me or any other of us today. The purpose of

bert 1974

Me 1974

this post is to talk about sharing information about my life so that in centuries or millennia from now, any of my descendants can find out a bit about me, their grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather, and so on.  Who knows, maybe someday, 1000s of years from now, one of my descendants will be reading this post from some far away planet and wondering what it was like to live on Earth. Maybe they will be amazed that I didn’t travel from solar system to solar system by bending space and time just as I am amazed that my ancestors did not fly from continent to continent on a regular basis. I can already trace my tree back to my 12th Great-Grandfather Robert Rose who was born in 1594 that traveled to “The New World” in 1634. This in ONLY 400 years ago. It blows my mind to think that I can share this information and it may someday be viewed by a person who can say that Robert Rose is his 100th Great Grandfather.

Another thing. I am not writing this for the public even though it is publicly viewable. And I don’t really care what anyone thinks about me doing this or what I write. Some may chuckle and think I’m stupid or crazy. So what. I’m not writing this for you. I am writing this first for myself, second for my family and thirdly for my descendants. Finally I am writing it for my friends. Some of you might see yourself in some of what I write. But don’t worry family and friends, I will not share information that may be embarrassing to others and I will change names of people when and if needed.

I don’t have a an outline or schedule. My plan is to just start at the beginning and from there.

Enjoy!  Up Next…..Bert…..the Early Years


Me – 2015


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