– All-In-One Offense Filtration System

Saw this meme today and thought, “Man this is perfect of many people on Facebook, and in the REAL WORLD today”. Seem every day someone is offended by something or someone in a Facebook group. What they don’t seem to realize is that they can block people the don’t like instead of posting that they don’t like it or reporting it to the group Admin.  I did not make this meme so if you made it and can prove you have copyright to it and want it removed just let me know.

The great thing about this product is it works EVERYWHERE!! Not just when you are online but also when you are out in public!

Note….this is not real….no….you can’t order this but you could probably make one if you think you need it. Also there is no such website as

I in NO way condone or support bullying either in person or on the Internet.

All-In-One Offense Filtration System

All-In-One Offense Filtration System

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