Happy New Year and Goodbye to 2017!

2017 was a big year for Sabine and I with some of the biggest changes to our lives ever as we moved from Germany to the Cleveland Ohio area in late January 2017.   Bert started a new job and we bought our first house! We also got out FIFTH grandchild!

Leaving Germany,

Stein family saying goodbye at the Frankfurt Am Main Airport.

After arriving in the USA we spent a few days in Maryland with a some friends and since we had a few days to wait until we could get our truck we took a day trip to Washington D.C. since Sabine had always wanted to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington Cemetery.

Sabine at Tomb of the Unknown – Arlington Cemetery – Washington D.C

When we first arrived we stayed at an Air BNB in Cleveland Heights which looked like a beautiful mansion on the outside but was very dirty and not well cared for on the inside.

We started our house search the first day we arrived in Cleveland and by the end of the week we put in a offer on a amazing home in Concord Township in Lake County near the cities of Mentor and Painesville.

It took 45 days to close on the house and due to a misunderstanding on the date we could move in our move in date got pushed to the right for two weeks since the movers didn’t have time on their schedule.

After about two weeks here Sabine had a major bronchitis attack and ended up in the hospital for three days.

Well, in March we finally got into our new home and started getting settled in.  Our kids and grandkids came to visit in April which was very nice and we had enough room for all of them.

We had our first visit from Germany in March by my good friend Andreas Huber who was instructing a class at Wright-Patterson Air Base in Dayton and came up to visit us.  Andreas and I drove to New York state so we could both get our first Geocache find in that state.

In May Christian and Lea came to visit us for three week from Germany.

We met some of our neighbors and all of them seem pretty cool.

In June we adopted a black lab puppy and named him Bosco.  He keeps up very busy!

Bosco – First Day!

In July we travelled to Lafayette Indiana for the birth of our fifth grandchild Kaci Ford.

In November Sabine made an emergency trip to Germany to take care of her father who fell very ill but id doing much better now. Bert drove to his mother’s home in Keokuk to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Bert’s mom came to visit twice.  The first time we took a trip to Niagara Falls which was Bert’s third time there and Sabine’s first.  This was also Sabine’s first time visiting Canada.  And the second time mom came was during the December holidays with her husband Alan.

Since 23 December it has snowed every day and we are quickly getting used to living in the Lake Erie Snow Belt which begins at our house and goes to Buffalo NY!

Other visit we had were from XL Forum friends that I have known for a long time but never met in person. Jeff Weirauch, Judy Weirauch, Josh Jankowiak, Thomas Clark, and John Conley.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us! We are planning on buying a used travel trailer and try to take some weekend trips an a long summer trip.

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