Selfie Tip #1 for Social Media

As I peruse social media such at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I have notice a troubling trend….many people don’t know the proper way to look at their phone when taking a selfie.  Most people look at themselves in the phone and then when they post the photo it looks like they are looking down at something. The ONLY thing worse that looking at yourself when taking a selfie is keeping your phone in a vertical position when taking a video because you have VERTICAL VIDEO SYNDROME!

When taking a selfie it’s very important to remember to LOOK AT THE CAMERA! If you do this your selfie will look much more natural and will bring out your true beauty!

Look at these examples.

Looking at myself in the phone.


Looking at myself when taking a selfie = unnatural looking down weirdness

Looking at the phone camera.


Looking at the camera selfie. So handsome!

Now that you have learned this please remember to put it to use when you feel the need to take a selfie and post it on Social Media.

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