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Selfie Tip #1 for Social Media


As I peruse social media such at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I have notice a troubling trend….many people don’t know the proper way to look at their phone when taking a selfie.  Most people look at themselves in the phone and then when they post the photo it looks like they are looking down at …

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Learning to Walk Away


New Personal Walking Speed Record!

Yesterday for my lunchtime walk I decided to walk the track by my office and try to break my walking speed record. The result….I totally killed it!  I normally walk cross country with a few hills and different terrain. I figured walking the track, which is level and has uniform terrain, would give me a …

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Weekly Fitness Update – 20151124

Stats are a bit down last week from the week before but still ahead of my weight loss goal of one pound a week. Steps and total distance down since we had to take Sarge der Wunderlab in for surgery last Thursday and since he can not walk for a while we have not been …

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20151123 – Fastest Lunchtime Walk

I really kicked it into high gear during my lunchtime Nordic walk today. I Nordic walked 4.5 miles with an average pace of 15:13. Miles two and three came in right under 15 minutes. I am very happy about this progress since when I started walking back in September I was lucky to do a …

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Lunchtime Walk – New Route – 20151117

Well yesterday it was quite wet outside at the time I started my daily Nordic Walk and I decided to try out a new route.  I had not planned on the route being 4.5 miles long but that’s what it turns out to be. I thought I was gonna be able to cut back west …

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Weekly Fitness Update – 20151117

   Did pretty good fitness wise last week and as you can see I lost a bit over five pounds. Sabine is kicking my butt in weekly steps which does not bother me at all. I am glad that she is supporting me in my fitness efforts and is also active. Right behind me is …

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Lunchtime Ride for 20151116

My lunchtime ride for today was much less eventful than my morning ride to work. No wipe outs! I stopped at Penny Markt to pick up three garden salads to go but on my way to the check out register I realized I did not bring any money with me. This kinda irked me because …

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First bicycle accident!

Well I had my first bicycle accident in about 35 years this morning! It happened very fast and I know exctly what caused it….my own carelessness.   I was about one mile from work when I decided I need to check on my saddlebags.  Looked down to the right to check the right one out …

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No Longer Obese!

Happy Day! Late last week my Body Mass Index (BMI) dropped below 30% which officially moves me out of the obese range and into overweight. Wooooohoooo! Feels good. Still have a way to go to get to 25% BMI which is considered normal. I am lowering my Nordic Walking intensity by taking a shorter evening …

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