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Teak73 T5ing near Landstuhl Germany

Here is my buddy Andreas rappelling down a 20 meter cliff on our Sunday Geocaching adventure. He is doing very well for just his third time out. This is probably about his seventh or eighth rappel.

Geocaching an old WW II bunker in near Ramstein Germany (Warning NSFW)

This was a very cool multicache that requires the searchers to enter an abandoned World War II bunker. The bunker is built into a bridge under the old Autobahn 6.

WFGB Wooden Nickel reaches Romania!

WOO HOOO!!! WORLD FAMOUS GermanyBert Wooden Nickel #00234 is now in a cache in Romania and is the first one to reach this country. CLICK HERE to see the progress of this trackable. This trackable has been in quite a few different European countries. The Romanian cache it is called Baba Caia GC20CF6

Visit Clearfield County Geocaching Trail

In Clearfield County Pennsylvania they take their geocaching seriously.  So seriously that every year for the last five the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority decides on a new trail theme and then makes about 30 caches to take people to locations that fall in the theme category. The 2011 theme was Cemeteries and this years …

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Geocaching in Hilliard Ohio teaches people of the town’s history

The city of Hilliard Ohio is putting together a very cool event this summer to help celebrate their 200th birthday.  The cities high school arts department have created and will place 20 nicely designed geocaching containers and will be hidden by the students. The event is called, “Explore the Heart of Hilliard in 200 Minutes” …

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Teak73 and Geo-Jedimeister go T5!!!

Today Teak73, his family, and Geo Jedimeister went to the T5-Workshop 3.0 – für Anfänger near Homburg Germany.  Teak73 had already done on T5 earlier in the week but this was the first for his wife.  Geo-Jedimaster had rappelled once back in 1986 while in the Army. Today they learned how to rappel using two caribiners, a prusik, …

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Geocaching Bomb Threat in Canada

Another Geocaching bomb threat happened today. This time in Toronto Canada. The police there must have nothing better to do since the went ahead and blew it up anyway. Check out the story here.

Geocaching and other GPS games – Keeping kids active on the road

I can remember when I was a child that we at least once a year made a SIX HOUR automobile trip from our home in Indiana to visit grandparents in Illinois and Iowa.  As a small child these trips were very difficult because of the boredom of being cramped up in a car for so long. My parents did …

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Ruine Diemerstein Geocache – GCN2K6

Here is a  video of GermanyBert, Sabine, and Sarge the Wunderlab search for the Diemerstein Ruins geocache.  Somehow the video messes up near the end but the rest is pretty good. Extra bonus footage of some crazy German guy yelling at his wife on the phone. It seems she has found another man. The cache …

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FUNKLOCH – A Geocaching Adventure

Here is a trailer I made for the Funkloch #2 Geocache south of Kaiserslautern Germany. Better get it quick because the entire area will be flatten in June 2012. This is a night cache and located in a abandoned top secret US Air Force Communications base that was used during the Cold War. Enjoy!!