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Another wonderfully beautiful place to Geocache

Found this video today of a Geocaching Powertrail in Portugal. It does not show a find but the view is spectacular! This is one of those times when it is VERY important to keep your eyes on the trail and NOT on your GPSr. Kinda gives me the willies just watching it. I translated the …

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Geocaching – Taking you to wonderfully cool places

One of the things I love most about Geocaching is that it takes to places I normally would never go and I get to cool, crazy, interesting, spectacular, and wonderful thing I probably never would have seen. Many times even locals in the area do not know about all the cool locations right around their …

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Red Herring Geocaches – Do you like them?

Have you ever been Geocaching and found a Red Herring? By Red Herring we mean a dummy or decoy geocache. I have found a few and I have to tell you that I don’t care for them too much. I think they are created by unimaginative people who get pleasure out of taking people to …

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Shoetree Geocache!

Ok….the cache is an LPC (Lamp Post Cache) but at least it is at a cool and unique location.