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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Version 2016!

Well I started my hydroponic garden up. Started putting it together last weekend and now it is running pretty good. Have one more spicy pepper plant to add. No tomatoes this year since this probably our last summer here I didn’t want to go to the trouble of building up a tomato house.

Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update 27 JUNE 2015

Time for the weekly update for my hydroponic vegetable garden. This week we were able to eat two of the zucchinis and there are four more growing at this time! The tomatoes are doing very well and soon we will have a lot of cherry tomatoes to eat. All of the tomatoes are at the …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update 21 June 2015

Once again it is time for a video update of my hydroponic garden.  This week we picked two of the zucchinis and will be eating them soon!  The red bell peppers are starting to bloom so we will soon have some of them growing also.  Tomatoes are still going strong and two of the have …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update 12 June 2015

This week my hydroponic garden has really taken off and I am amazed by progress.  Zucchinis are coming in, green beans, and I can not even begin to count all the tomatoes.  One of the tomato plants is all the way to the top of the tent and a second on will reach it this …

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How I Mix the Nutrients For My Hydroponic Garden

  Just like regular soil gardening a hydroponic garden also needs fertilizer and therefore it is important to mix it properly before adding it to your reservoir. The fertilizer is a mixture or calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, and phosphate.  You can buy these items separately and create your own mix, which is probably smart to …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update – 6 JUNE 2015

Time for the update of my hydroponic garden! All I can say is WOW!! The zucchinis are really starting to grow.  I have two so far and the way they are going they should be ready to harvest in a week or two. I don’t even know how to describe what is happening with the …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Update – 1 JUNE 2015

Well I am a bit late with my weekly garden update.  I was out of town on the weekend so I was not able to make the video until Monday and did not get around to posting this video until today. I am very pleased with the progress so far.  The tomatoes are really taking …

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Bert’s Garden Update – 27 May 2015

WOOOOHOOOO!!!  My zucchini has it first flower!!  It think it is gonna start taking off now.  This is pretty exciting for me since it is the first zucchini I have ever grown.  I almost killed this plant by starving it at first but I was able to save it and now it is doing awesome. …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden 23 MAY 2015

Over the last week the garden is really taking off.  Tomatoes are really growing well.  I have been learning a lot more about pruning the suckers from family and friends. I added a Chili Pepper plant that my wife bought and one more tomato plant.  At this time there is no plan to add any more …

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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden 15 MAY 2015

Time for the weekly update of my Hydroponic garden. Things are going pretty well. I found out why the last Dutch Bucket in the line was not getting hardly any water. I had thought that my pump was not strong enough but it turns out there was a tiny rock lodged inside the T connector …

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