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Bert’s Hydroponic Garden Growth Report – 10 MAY 15

Here is he growth report for 10 May 2015. All measurements in centimeters.   Fleisch (Meat) tomato 48.5 Gourmet tomato 40 Freiland tomato 26 Cherry tomato 33.5 Red pepper 20 Green beans 14

Bert’s Hydroponic Garden 9 MAY 2015

Time for the first status update on my hydroponic vegetable garden. First off my zucchini is not doing well. I think this is because my pump is not strong enough and the plant is not getting enough water and nutrients. The water is dripping out of the supply hose but not as much as the …

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Bert’s 1st Hydroponic garden

I recently became very interested in Hydroponic vegetable gardening after one of my neighbors introduced it to me last year.  A hydroponic garden uses no soil, only water and nutrients which makes it completely organic.  There are also many advantages to hydroponic gardening such being able to produce a lot of food in just a …

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