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Translate Cache Macro for GSAK

I found this new Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) macro that can be useful for those living in or visiting counties with languages different then their mother language. The macro can be found HERE. For those of you who do not know what GSAK is CLICK HERE. This macro will translate choosen cache descriptions from …

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Earthcache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

An Earthcache is a special type of cache which does not have a container or logbook. The intention of these caches are to take you to a geologically significant or unique location and show and teach you about Earth Science. Earthcaches require that you answer a few questions regarding the location and optionally take a …

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European Galileo GPS Satellites Nearing Orbits

Exciting news for all European Geocachers is that two of the GPS satellites, FM3 and FM4, for the Galileo constellation are nearing their orbit. The satellites sent out their first signals at about 2200 hrs on 12 October after a successful launch. On 19 and 20 Oct the satellites were handed over to the Galileo …

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Geocaches with Deliberately Inaccurate Coordinates – BAD!

It probably goes without saying but I REALLY enjoy Geocaching. I enjoy almost every aspect of this cool hobby. Seeing new places, meeting new people, solving puzzles, group geocaching, and on and on. But I do need to mention that one of my biggest pet peeves are Geocaches that are hidden with deliberately inaccurate coordinates. …

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Geocaching in Europe’s “Lost Places”

I always love looking for a Geocache at one of the many “Lost Places” that are scattered throughout Europe. A “Lost Place”, as they known among German geocachers, is a location that has been vacant and uncared for, for many years. I live in a location of Germany that is right on the southwest border, …

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16th Chinese GPS Satellite Launched

China has launched the 16th GPS satellite for the Beidou or Compass GPS constellation. This GPS constellation is intended to provide GPS service for the Asia-Pacific area by early 2013. It will be ready for worldwide use by 2020. This is vey good new for the Geocaching community since the more GPS satellites available the …

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We’re One Step Closer! Next Generation Global Positioning System III

Here is some exciting new about the development of the Next Generation Global Positioning System III. Once these new GPS satellites are in orbit our GPSr will gain more accuracy which might make finding a tricky Geocache much easier! This propulsion system is part of the rocket used to guide the new GPS III into …

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Searching for an UNDERWATER geocache!

Mayberryman always makes some great Geocaching Adventure videos and this one is no exception. Check out how he and two of his small buddies go on a cook adventure to search for this cache.

Info from the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee Meeting (CGSIC)

I think that probably 99.9% of us Geocachers take GPS technology for granted. We know that there is some kind of satellite signal that our GPSr is picking up, don’t really understand it all, and only wish it was more accurate. We also just want it there for us when we are out geocaching or …

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Magellan eXplorist 310 Review

I found this recent review of the Magellan eXplorist 310 GPSr. The only complaint the author had is that the batteries ran out quickly. He does not mention what kind of batteries he was using but I’ll bet you 10 to 1 they were not Energizer Ultimate Lithium. I get weeks of use out of …

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