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Geocaching Family Rescued from Cave! Let people know where you are!

Apparently on Tuesday, 14 August 2012, some geocachers got lost or stuck in a cave near Rochester New York. The story does not provide many details but the video does. At the end of the news video is a good video about Geocaching Safety. “Local geocachers say the family that was rescued from the cave …

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Is GPS technology putting you in danger?

We all know the benefits of having GPS enable devices. They lead us through large cities that we have never visited, they show us the way home when we get lost, they help us avoid heavy traffic, they warn us of speed traps. But are they also putting us in a dangerous position because when …

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Rappelling into the FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE! – Geocache GC399MM

On 12 August 2012 a few members of the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community) Geocachers made trip to the castle in Frankenstein Germany near Kaiserslautern to do some geocaching! The Ragnars Frankenstein geocache is a Terrain 5 cache which requires the seekers to rappel into a room that is inaccessible without a rope. After the cache …

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Cute kid shows how to make a cool labyrinth geocache

I ran across this video today and thought it was pretty cute. This is an enthusiatic young geocacher who gets help form his dad and little brother to build a cool labyrinth geocache container. I especially like the part half way through when he decides to start giving safety tips. Maybe someday soon you will …

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2012 International Geocaching Day – 18 August 2012

Well my two week vacation is over and am back to bringing you great Geocaching news. has announced that 18 August of this year is International Geocaching day! On this day all Geocachers who find a geocache, or attend an event, will receive a special International Geocaching Day souvenir which will appear on their …

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Quest for the Dragon’s Cache (MOGA 2013)

Here is a strange but kinda funny video showing the creative side of some Geocachers for Illinois. I know that Geocachers are a strange lot, but these are the strange lot of the strange lot which is quite and accomplishment!

Underground Geocaching Adventure, South Australia

WOW!!! Now this is a geocache!!! I have gone in a small hole kinda like this to search for a cache near Rockenhausen Germany but it was not so deep. I don’t know if I would have the intestinal fortitude to go into one like this that is so deep and has such a small …

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Geocaching attracts tourists and brings new revenue to communities

Many times there is a story in the news about how a Geocache caused a bomb scare and money was spent by communities to have the container destroyed by the local authorities. Well here is a story from the Miami Herald Tribune on how communities can bring in new tourism revenue by encouraging responsible Geocaching. …

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Cool Lightbulb Puzzle Multicache Stage

The is a very cool way a providing the coordinates for the final on a Multicache. The first stage has this neat lightbulb box. I think I might try making one of these sometime. Video is by Geocachespoilers.

East Bethel Minnesota supports Geocaching!

Here is another story of a city in the USA using Geocaching to promote education, science, tourism, and a healthy lifestyle! It is good to see that there are places embracing Geocaching as a great family hobby. According to Nate Ayshford, “The purpose of this program was to try to create more activities for families …

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