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Brutal Motorcycle Crash Compilation

I am a motorcyclist and have to admit that sometimes I ride close to the edge but I always keep in mind that I am not as well protected as those driving cages (cars and trucks). It is NO FUN to wreck on your motorcycle! This video is amazing. Many motorcyclist like to blame cars …

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This Ukrainian Kid is Absolutely Stumped!

This had me cracking up like crazy!  It took me a second to realize what the clown had done but then when I saw it I was amazed!  I gotta try this with some neighbor kids!

A Tip For The Ladies

Ladies…if you are gonna be on national TV, please have your moustache professionally removed.

I Can’t Stand to Look, But Can’t Turn Away

I love rappelling off of high cliffs and climbing trees but these Russian kids completely freak me out! When I watch these videos I get butterflies in my stomach and can hardly stand to watch.  Sometimes I watch from the corner of my eye because I am so afraid for these kids. They are doing this …

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WITCH DOCTOR (David Seville) 1958 original version

One of the best songs ever!!

I Can’t Afford the Tattoo

I can’t really afford to pay for a full back tattoo and I really don’t want to go through about 12 hours of pain. Do you think this will work?  Does it look good?