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Searching for an UNDERWATER geocache!

Mayberryman always makes some great Geocaching Adventure videos and this one is no exception. Check out how he and two of his small buddies go on a cook adventure to search for this cache.

Cute kid shows how to make a cool labyrinth geocache

I ran across this video today and thought it was pretty cute. This is an enthusiatic young geocacher who gets help form his dad and little brother to build a cool labyrinth geocache container. I especially like the part half way through when he decides to start giving safety tips. Maybe someday soon you will …

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Underground Geocaching Adventure, South Australia

WOW!!! Now this is a geocache!!! I have gone in a small hole kinda like this to search for a cache near Rockenhausen Germany but it was not so deep. I don’t know if I would have the intestinal fortitude to go into one like this that is so deep and has such a small …

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Mystery or Puzzle Geocache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

A Mystery or Puzzle geocache is a type of cache that gives the cache owner a lot of latitude on how and where the cache is hidden. This is considered the “CATCH ALL” category of geocaches. In most cases the cache IS NOT hidden at the listed coordinates and the container itself could be many …

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Second Geocache From Space

There is a crazy Geocacher named E6C that has so far sent TWO geocache containers into “Low Earth Inner-orbital Flight” with huge weather ballons. The balloon is sent up with a video camera to film the entire trip to space and back to earth. It also has a GPS tracking device so it can be …

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Stick a stick in it! – Clever Geocache Hiding Method

The next time you are out geocaching and are planning on logging a DNF (Did Not Find) log make sure you check all the branches of that nearby tree! This is pretty evil and I like evil caches. I think I should make on like this!! Actually THIS GEOCACHE has been bugging me for a …

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Tube Geocache Hide!

I really like this Mayberryman’s videos and here is one that shows a cool way to hide a geocache. I have found some similarly hidden and I need to keep this in mind! I also keep a telescoping magnet tool in my Geocaching Gear Bag for just such caches!

Fake battery cache container

Here is a very cool and tricky caching container. It is made out of a AA battery. This video is by Geocachespoilers. Check out and subcribe his YouTube channel here.