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Never Heard of Freeriding But I Like it!

Man I would have DEFINITELY done this back in my teens and 20’s when I thought I was invincible and would live forever. Probably wouldn’t do it today!

I Can’t Stand to Look, But Can’t Turn Away

I love rappelling off of high cliffs and climbing trees but these Russian kids completely freak me out! When I watch these videos I get butterflies in my stomach and can hardly stand to watch.  Sometimes I watch from the corner of my eye because I am so afraid for these kids. They are doing this …

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My First Terrain Level Five (T5) Rappelling Geocache. May 2012

Geocaching Logo

WOW!! It is so amazing to go back and look at some of my old Geocaching videos.  This one is of the first Terrain 5 Geocache where I had to rappel down a 50 foot cliff to get to the logbook.  I can’t believe how long it took me to get started and arrive at the …

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