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Nov 04

Earthcache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

An Earthcache is a special type of cache which does not have a container or logbook. The intention of these caches are to take you to a geologically significant or unique location and show and teach you about Earth Science. Earthcaches require that you answer a few questions regarding the location and optionally take a …

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Aug 17

Geocaching Family Rescued from Cave! Let people know where you are!

Apparently on Tuesday, 14 August 2012, some geocachers got lost or stuck in a cave near Rochester New York. The story does not provide many details but the video does. At the end of the news video is a good video about Geocaching Safety. “Local geocachers say the family that was rescued from the cave …

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Jul 16

Geocaching attracts tourists and brings new revenue to communities

Many times there is a story in the news about how a Geocache caused a bomb scare and money was spent by communities to have the container destroyed by the local authorities. Well here is a story from the Miami Herald Tribune on how communities can bring in new tourism revenue by encouraging responsible Geocaching. …

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Jul 15

East Bethel Minnesota supports Geocaching!

Here is another story of a city in the USA using Geocaching to promote education, science, tourism, and a healthy lifestyle! It is good to see that there are places embracing Geocaching as a great family hobby. According to Nate Ayshford, “The purpose of this program was to try to create more activities for families …

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Jul 05

Mystery or Puzzle Geocache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

A Mystery or Puzzle geocache is a type of cache that gives the cache owner a lot of latitude on how and where the cache is hidden. This is considered the “CATCH ALL” category of geocaches. In most cases the cache IS NOT hidden at the listed coordinates and the container itself could be many …

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Jun 25

Multi-Cache – Geocaching 101 – Geo Jedi Training

A Multi-Cache is a geocache that requires the seeker to visit at least two or more stages to obtain coordinates or clues before the final geocache stage can be located. There is no limit to the number of stages a Multi-Cache can have. Like a Tradition Cache, a Multi-Cache must have a physical container and …

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May 13

Visit Clearfield County Geocaching Trail

In Clearfield County Pennsylvania they take their geocaching seriously.  So seriously that every year for the last five the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority decides on a new trail theme and then makes about 30 caches to take people to locations that fall in the theme category. The 2011 theme was Cemeteries and this years …

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