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Hmmmm….Virtual Geocaching Trackable Discovering?

One of the parts of Geocaching that I like is collecting, releasing, picking up, dropping off, and discovering what is called “TRACKABLES”.  Trackables come in two flavors; Geocoins, and Travel Bugs. Trackables are normally small items that have a unique tracking code on them that lets you track their travels from geocache to geocache. You …

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Templar Geocoin – Antique Gold – TB4FRDR

This is my Templar Geocoin – Antique Gold Edition. I just love these Templar Geocoins. The look and feel like very old coins. After I some of these coins in the hand of other Geocachers I just knew I would need to obtain one. This one is activated you can find its page on Geocaching.com …

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Excalibur Geocoin Antique Gold – TB4R6HM

This is an Antique Gold Excalibur Geocoin which I added to my collection quite some time ago. This is actually one of the first Geocoins I bought after falling in love with them. This one is activated and you can see its page on Geocaching.com HERE. I found an Antique Silver version of this coin …

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1. Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa – Mega Event Coin – Special Edition – Geocoin

This is the Special Edition or Artist Edition of the 1. Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa – Geocoin. This coin was made in very small quantities and only available on the day of the event. I am very glad to have a copy of this very rare Geocoin to complete my set of all of the …

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1. Geocoin Fest 2011 – Europa – Main Event Coin

This is the Main Event coin for the 1. Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa in Koln Germany. I got this coin by attending the event. It was my first Mega event and so far the only one I have attended. The event was held on 28 August 2011 and I enjoyed it very much. I met …

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2011 Geocoin Fest Koln – Welcome Coin

This Geocoin is special for me since it is my first non standard geocoin. What I mean by non standard is it a limited edition and not available at on Geocoin store websites. You might be able to find one on eBay. I got it while attending the 1. GEOCOINFEST 2011 – EUROPA Mega Event …

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FOR SALE – 2011 Compass Rose – Dusk To Dawn – Geocoin – SOLD OUT – UNACTIVATED

I am selling this beautiful 2011 Compass Rose Dusk to Dawn Edition Geocoin. Compass Rose geocoins are highly sought after geocoins and always hard to find! This is a larger coin at 2 inches in diameter. It has SIX Swarovski gems and is trackable on Geocaching.com Dawn to Dusk (polished gold, recessed front) – Tracking …

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WFGB Wooden Nickel reaches Romania!

WOO HOOO!!! WORLD FAMOUS GermanyBert Wooden Nickel #00234 is now in a cache in Romania and is the first one to reach this country. CLICK HERE to see the progress of this trackable. This trackable has been in quite a few different European countries. The Romanian cache it is called Baba Caia GC20CF6