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May 29

Completed the Geocaching 81 Matrix!

I finally finished the 81 Matrix by finding a cache at an almost 800 year old castle and had to climb into the hole they used as a toilet back in the 13th century. Here is my log: http://coord.info/GLN4J0FT. To complete this matrix you must find at least one cache for each Geocache Difficulty and Terrain …

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Apr 17

Wandering in Weiselberg

Today Sabine and I visited Weiselberg to do the Wieselberg:Steinernes Meer (Stoney See) Earthcache (GC2EZJR). This was a very cool location.  The Weiselberg is a 280 million year old volcano and since the Roman times has been known for the precious minerals which can be found here. Minerals such at Agate, Jasper, and Chalcedony were …

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Apr 03

Geocaching in the Schächelwald

Today Sabine and I  did some Geocaching to get do our daily walk and I found a small Power Trail called the Schächel which is short for Schächelwald. The trail was about four kilometers long and consisted of eight Traditional Caches, one Multi-Cache, and one bonus Mystery cache. The walk was very slow, about 36 minutes per mile …

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Mar 28

Geierlay Suspension Bridge – Germany’s Longest Walking Suspension Bridge

Today Sabine and I visited the Geirlay Hängeseilbrücke (Suspension Bridge) in Mörsdorf Germany which is the longest walking suspension bridge in Germany.  Travelling by car takes about 1 1/2 hour from Hütschenhausen following Autobahn 62 to Birkenfeld and then Landstrasse 269 to Landstrasse 327 to Hahn and then Landstrasse 421 to Kappel where you get back on …

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Nov 22

German Fines for Insulting People

If you visit Germany make sure you don’t go around insulting people or it could end up costing you quite a bit of money. Besides these below if you call a German Policeman (Polizei) “Du” instead of “Sie” you can be fined up to 600 Euro!! Du is the informal word for “You”. Sie is …

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May 10

Kindsbach Bunker Geocaching Event – 9 May 2015

Geocaching Logo

Yesterday Sabine and I took a tour through the bunker at Kindsbach Germany, which is small town near us, during a Geocaching Event.  Kindsbach is between Landstuhl and Einsedlerhof Germany. “Close to Ramstein was the site of Air Defense Operations Center (ADOC) – Kindsbach, AKA ‘Kindsbach Cave’ – the site of Europe’s underground combat operations …

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Aug 13

Rappelling into the FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE! – Geocache GC399MM

On 12 August 2012 a few members of the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community) Geocachers made trip to the castle in Frankenstein Germany near Kaiserslautern to do some geocaching! The Ragnars Frankenstein geocache is a Terrain 5 cache which requires the seekers to rappel into a room that is inaccessible without a rope. After the cache …

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Aug 06

Excalibur Geocoin Antique Gold – TB4R6HM

This is an Antique Gold Excalibur Geocoin which I added to my collection quite some time ago. This is actually one of the first Geocoins I bought after falling in love with them. This one is activated and you can see its page on Geocaching.com HERE. I found an Antique Silver version of this coin …

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Jul 16

1. Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa – Mega Event Coin – Special Edition – Geocoin

This is the Special Edition or Artist Edition of the 1. Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa – Geocoin. This coin was made in very small quantities and only available on the day of the event. I am very glad to have a copy of this very rare Geocoin to complete my set of all of the …

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Jul 15

1. Geocoin Fest 2011 – Europa – Main Event Coin

This is the Main Event coin for the 1. Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa in Koln Germany. I got this coin by attending the event. It was my first Mega event and so far the only one I have attended. The event was held on 28 August 2011 and I enjoyed it very much. I met …

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