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Passing of a Classmate

Laura Mathews

Today on Facebook I saw an announcement that a high school classmate of mine passed away a few days ago.  Laura Mathews passed away of an unexpected illness. I remember Laura but I did not know her very well since we were in different “cliques” in school.  I was one of the rowdy, smoking, crazy, …

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25 of America’s worst charities—plus tips on how to avoid getting scammed

Source: 25 of America’s worst charities—plus tips on how to avoid getting scammed With the 2015 holiday season quickly approaching many people will be thinking about giving money to charities.  But please remember before you give to check out the charity to ensure that your hard earned money is not just going to line the …

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The Association Windy – The First Song I Ever Loved

I want to take you back to July 1967. I was just three years old and living in Rockford Illinois. I don’t remember much of those days but I do remember a song by The Association. When I think back on those times I remember this song….WINDY. This song hit #1 in the USA the month I …

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Roll On – Kid Rock 

Now that I am “Over The Hill” I can really relate to this song. My life, like most people I guess, has been quite a rollercoaster ride. I was pretty wild in high school and in my young adult years. I made a lot of mistakes and hurt a lot of people. Like in this …

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The First Post

I want to blog, to write, to express my thoughts about what I see everyday and the little things that pop into my brain.  The crazy, sad, funny, weird, exciting, boring, horrible, amazing, things…EVERYTHING! All day I have been thinking about what my first post here should be.  Should it be my opinion about a …

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