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Geocaching Family Rescued from Cave! Let people know where you are!

Apparently on Tuesday, 14 August 2012, some geocachers got lost or stuck in a cave near Rochester New York. The story does not provide many details but the video does. At the end of the news video is a good video about Geocaching Safety. “Local geocachers say the family that was rescued from the cave …

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Rappelling into the FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE! – Geocache GC399MM

On 12 August 2012 a few members of the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community) Geocachers made trip to the castle in Frankenstein Germany near Kaiserslautern to do some geocaching! The Ragnars Frankenstein geocache is a Terrain 5 cache which requires the seekers to rappel into a room that is inaccessible without a rope. After the cache …

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Geo JediMeister June 2012 Geocaching Report

June 2012 was quite a big month for the Geo JediMeister and many new milestones were reached. 1. Most Geocache finds in one month – 111 – Previous was October 2011 with 95 2. Most consecutive days with Geocache finds – 31 as of 30 June 2012 – Previous milestone was 18 3. Have now …

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Geo JediMeister and TEAK73 first bridge rappel!

Geo JediMeister and TEAK73 headed out this morning to do a Terrain Level 5 (T5) Geocache. The cache is called Operation: Zug um Zug which is Geocache number GC3J5GK. The creator and owner of the cache is Swordfish75. This cache was quite challenging for both of us since we don’t have much experience with repelling …

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Geo JediMeister T5 Rappelling near Landstuhl Germany

Well here I am doing my version of a Ranger Rappell! Geocaching near Landstule Germany.

Frau Teak73 T5ing near Landstuhl Germany

Here is Melanie, the better half of Teak73, rappelling down a 20 meter cliff. She is doing great for he second time rappelling and I think he fifth or sixth time down the rope.

Teak73 T5ing near Landstuhl Germany

Here is my buddy Andreas rappelling down a 20 meter cliff on our Sunday Geocaching adventure. He is doing very well for just his third time out. This is probably about his seventh or eighth rappel.